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pencil; pencil; pensile; pencel, pensil
pencil (PEN suhl) (noun)
1. A tool for writing or drawing that consists of a slender cylinder surrounding a solid center typically made of graphite also known as "lead":  The artist used a fine pencil for her sketches of the countryside.

The carpenter used a pencil that was flat on one side so it would not roll off her workspace.

2. A small stick of medication or cosmetics for local application: The doctor gave her a pencil of antibiotic cream to put on the scratches of her arm.
3. A gathering or mass of rays such as sunshine: A pencil of sunlight came through the wooden blinds of the window in the morning.
pencil (PEN suhl) (verb)
To write or to draw something with an instrument for marking: Alisha wants to pencil some notes on a piece of paper so she wouldn't forget what to pick up from the local market.
pensile (PEN sighl") (adjective)
Characteristic of something which hangs loosely; suspended: The birds nesting in the barn made pensile nests in the rafters.
pencel, pensil (PEN suhl) (noun)
A narrow flag, streamer, or pennon, especially one carried at the top of a spear: When the knight rode into the tournament, he carried the lance with the pencel which had been given to him by his sister.

The traveling artist used a pencil to sketch the pensile banners in the church.

Karin created a fanciful picture which included a knight riding into the churchyard with a pensil waving from the point of his lance which was lighted by a pencil of sunshine streaming through the colored windows.