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pelt, pelt
pelt (PELT) (noun)
1. The skin of an animal with the fur or hair still on it: The hunter was in the process of cutting the lion's pelt off its body.
2. A stripped animal skin ready for tanning: Jerome added the pelt of the fox to the others that were going to be prepared for making leather from rawhides.
pelt (PELT) (verb)
1. To strike or to assail repeatedly with or as if with blows or missiles; to bombard: Jerry decided that he was going to pelt the other guys with snowballs.
2. To cast, hurl, or throw objects: Chris could see the rioter trying to pelt the police with bottles from the dumpster.
3. To hit against something repeatedly: Rain and hail continued to pelt against the windowpanes for hours.

The celebrity was wearing the pelt of an animal as a coat which outraged the crowd who started to pelt her with paint balls.

(Greek: shield; small-light shield)