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peer (s) (noun), peers (pl)
1. A person of the same legal status; such as, a jury of one's peers.
2. Someone who is equal to another in abilities, qualifications, age, background, and social status.
3. Something of equal worth or quality.
4. A member of any of the five degrees of the nobility in Great Britain and Ireland (duke, marquis, earl, viscount, and baron).
5. Etymology: from Anglo-French peir, Old French per; from Latin par, "equal"; an equal in civil standing or rank.
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peer (verb), peers; peered; peering
1. To look closely or carefully; especially, because someone or something is difficult to see: "Gerda peered at the tiny print of the pocket dictionary in an effort to see the word and its definition."

"Jason peered at the people walking on the street by his house from behind a curtain."

2. To come out slightly or to peep out: "During the cloudy day, the sun peered from behind a cloud."
3. Etymology: of uncertain origin, perhaps resulting from aperen, "to appear" and found in Middle English piren, "to peer, to look".
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peer, peer, peer, pier
peer (PIR) (verb)
To inspect closely and intently: The people tried to peer at the new baby elephant at the zoo.
peer (PIR) (noun)
1. Someone of the same rank, value, quality, ability, or standing: Jeff is Stacie's peer in terms of years of experience and education.
2. A member of one of several ranks within British aristocracy: Josh's favorite aunt married an English peer and moved to live with him in his castle in the country.
peer (PIR) (adjective)
Regarding social equality based on age, grade, or status: The peer group at Mamie's high school was very active in sports.
pier (PIR) (noun)
1. A protective structure built out over the water and supported by pillars and used as a landing place, a pleasure pavilion, or as a walk for pedestrians: The pier at Santa Barbara, California, was a great place to see fishermen, pelicans waiting for the men to toss them fish that were too small for people to eat, and a view of the Pacific Ocean.
2. The structural support between two openings in a wall; such as, two windows: The large ornate mirror hung in the pier in the dining room and reflected the candle light on the table.
3. A mass of stone, concrete, or steel used to provide support for a wall: The masons reinforced the wall with a pier of stone and gravel.

The visiting peer stood on the pier and watched the sunset spread over the ocean.

Calvin was talking to Hobbes: "I'd build a raft for this pond, but I don't have a place to dock it."

Hobbes replied: "I've always said you're a friend without pier. I guess you're under a lot of pier pressure."

—Based on a conversation in the "Calvin and Hobbes" cartoon.
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(Latin: same, equal, similar)
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1. A person of the same civil ranking or standing before the law; "He was respected and admired by his peers."
2. A person of noble birth; "He was given the peerage (rank of a British peer or nobility) after years of devoted service to the community."
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