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pealing, peeling, peeling
pealing (PEEL ing) (noun)
1. The ringing of acoustic devices: The participants could hear the pealing of the bells after the wedding ceremony.
2. A loud sound of laughter or a prolonged, usually reverberating sound, as of bells or thunder: The pealing of cachinnation and hilarity of the audience could be easily heard outside the auditorium.

People outside the bank could hear the pealing of tires as the robbers quickly drove away from the bank.

peeling (PEEL ing) (noun)
The skin of something; such as, the outer skin of fruit that has been removed: Shanna put the peeling of each apple into the compost.
peeling (PEEL ing) (verb)
Removing the outer layer of something: Shanna is peeling the apples with her fancy new peeler.

Mary's skin was peeling because of the bad sunburn she got at the beach.

Because of Bill's peeling sunburn, his wife was pealing with laughter at the sight of his red face.