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peak, peek, pique, pique, piqué
peak (PEEK) (noun)
1. A tapering, projecting point; a pointed extremity: The peak of the roof had a weather vane on it.
2. The pointed summit of a mountain: Shawn hiked to the top of the peak in the Alps.
3. The point of greatest development, value, or intensity: Mildred could feel a peak of excitement in the audience when the symphony came to a conclusion.
peek (PEEK) (verb)
To glance or to look quickly; especially, through an opening or from behind something: Please peek at this picture before Cleo mails it to her aunt.

While playing hide and seek, Nancy's little boy would peek between the curtains at her.

pique (PEEK) (noun)
A state of vexation caused by a perceived slight or indignity; a feeling of wounded pride or a resentment at being disdained, a fit of displeasure: Marilyn went into a pique when she didn't get her way.
pique (PEEK) (verb)
To excite, to arouse, or to cause curiosity or interest: It seems that brightly colored things often pique a young child's interest.
piqué (pi KAY, pee KAY) (noun)
Fabric, typically cotton, that is tightly woven and features a ribbed or raised pattern, produced especially by a double warp: Janine's new skirt is made of a blue piqué that matches the scarf she bought while she was on her vacation.

Mary said that she will experience a pique if she is unable to get a peek at the new piqué fabric in the store. Her interest was intensified when she found out that one piqué had an image of a famous peak that is located in the nearby mountains.