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pair, pare, pear
pair (PAIR) (noun)
1. Two items, objects, articles, etc.: Russel bought a suit with a new pair of trousers.

The new pair of shoes had buckles on the toes.

An extra pair of hands is just what Rosetta needed to get the work done.

2. A partnership of two often engaged in a competition against another partnership of two: Our champion pair of tennis players easily defeated the challenging pair from the other club.
3. Two animals that mate together: A pair of parrots can raise one chick each year.
pare (PAIR) (verb)
1. To diminish, to reduce, or to trim: The new budget is supposed to pare down on all excess expenses.

Steve used the clippers to pare his fingernails.

2. To remove the outer covering or skin of fruit with a knife or similar instrument: Jennifer used the cutting tool to pare or to peel the apples before she made the apple pie.
pear (PAIR) (noun)
A fruit which is wide at one end and comes to a modified point at the other end: Dale ate a fresh pear from the tree in his backyard.

Having a sweet and juicy pear is a real delight.

When the phone rang, Jill was busy trying to pare a pear; in fact, she was thinking about making it a pair for her afternoon snack.

(Latin: to come forth, to be visible, to come in sight)
(Greek > Latin: fig [sweet, hollow, pear-shaped, multiple fruit that has numerous tiny seedlike fruits that are eaten fresh or preserved or dried])