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peal, peel, peel
peal (PEEL) (noun)
1. A loud resonance, such as thunder or the clanging of bells: Across the meadow, Janine could hear the peal of bells coming from the church in the valley.
2. A loud, easily heard sound: Sean could hear the peal of laughter coming from the auditorium during the funny song and dance routine.
peel (PEEL) (noun)
1. The skin of a fruit: The peel of the orange is aromatic and when grated makes a tasty flavoring for a cake.
2. A medieval fortification on the border between England and Scotland: The peel had a moat surrounding it to protect the inhabitants from an invasion.
3. A flat shovel shaped tool used by bakers to put items into an oven or to remove them from the oven: Polly used a wooden peel to remove the pizza from the brick kitchen appliance just before it was time to eat it.
peel (PEEL) (verb)
To cut away or to strip off the skin, covering, surface, or the outer layer of something: Polly will use a small knife to peel the orange for her breakfast.

The visitors were asked to peel off their coats as soon as they stepped into the house after having been in the rainstorm.

Shawn could hear the peal of laughter from the living room in the kitchen where he was trying to peel an orange. He saved the peel to use for a baking project that he was planning for the weekend.

(Latin: push, beat, strike, knock, drive)