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nomocole (verb), nomocoles; nomocoled; nomocoling: pasture
Living in pastures.
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pastor, pastor, pasture
pastor (PAS tuhr) (noun)
A spiritual leader or member of the clergy: Mr. Smith is the new pastor for the church in the neighborhood.
pastor (PAS tuhr) (verb)
To serve or to act in the role of a spiritual leader: Ralph's friend wanted to pastor the youth of his church.
pasture (PAS chuhr) (noun)
A field or space of land devoted to raising grass and in which grazing livestock feed: The green pasture was dotted with white sheep and their lambs.

The cattle enjoyed being in the fresh green pasture after a long winter in the barns.

The new pastor was innovative in his thinking in that during the summer, he planned to have open air church services in the pasture down by the river.

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(Greek > Latin: plants, plant life [originally, "herb, grass, pasture"] to botany)
(without dung beetles, the earth would be one big sphere of dung)
(Greek: wooded pasture, glade; grove; woods, forest)
(Greek: a meadow; a pasture; an abode; a place for eating; by extension, "distribution of an acute, necrotizing ulcerative process involving mucous membranes of the mouth or genitalia")
(Greek, nomas, nomados, "pasturing, roaming about for pasture" > Latin , nomas, nomdis: wander, moving around for pasture or grazing for herds or flocks)
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Dung Beetles Important to Pasture Ecosystems
Without dung beetles, the earth would be a ball of dung unit.