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palate, palette, pallet
palate (PAL it) (noun)
1. The roof of the mouth which separates the interior of the mouth from the nasal cavity: The shape of Kelsey's palate, or the upper part of the oral cavity in which she talks, gave her voice a distinctive quality.
2. The sense of taste, often in reference to a refined or informed sense of taste: Rodney had a fine palate for tea and drank several cups each day.
palette (PAL it) (noun)
1. A thin board upon which an artist mixes paints and which is held when the artist is painting: When Jenifer needed a new palette for her studio, the artist went to the art supply store.
2. A distinctive quality or use of color in a painting: The palette of the artist ranged from deep reds to gold.
pallet (PAL it) (noun)
1. A mattress or a small bed that is for temporary use: When Jillian has lots of company, she makes up a pallet on the library floor for the children to sleep on.
2. A portable platform used to move heavy objects which are placed on it: The tractor moved the pallet loaded with boxes to the end of the loading dock.
3. A small mechanism in a time piece which ensures the movement of the pendulum: Aaron's clock keeps losing time and he thinks the pallet needs to be checked so the freely swinging apparatus will work properly.

The artist, Laurel, who was famous for her palate for fine tea, worked with a palette and brush using a wide palette of distinctive colors.

She would often stand on a small pallet which she could move around the room in order to get a better perspective of her work.

Her studio was also equipped with a day pallet for a quick nap and an antique clock, the pallet of which needed adjusting from time to time.