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paddock, padlock
paddock (PAD uhk) (noun)
1. A fenced area, usually near a stable, used primarily for grazing horses: Yesterday Sally enjoyed seeing the ponies in the paddock on the farm that she was visiting.
2. An enclosed area at a race track where horses, dogs, etc., are kept before a race: Before the thoroughbreds were brought to the course, they were waiting in the paddock for their turn to join the race.
3. In some places, any piece of land which is closed in on all sides: There is a program in an African country that will subsidize a herdsman who wants to replace his bramble-enclosed paddock with a fence of metal and wood so he can protect his crops from bush pigs and other animals.
padlock (PAD lahk") (noun)
A detachable device with a U-shaped bar hinged at one end, designed to be passed through the staple of a hasp or a link in a chain and then snapped shut: Carolina put a padlock on her front gate and the garage door.

The man who takes care of the horses used a padlock to lock the paddock where the horses were stabled.