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oxymoron (s) (noun), oxymora (pl)
1. A combination of words or a phrase that have opposite or very different meanings; also used for special effects: The phrases "cruel kindness", "deafening silence", a "mournful optimist", a "wise fool", and "legal murder" are examples of oxymora.
2. A phrase in which a locution creates an incongruent and apparently self-contradictory effect, as in “to make haste slowly”: The two girls decided to make their language special by creating new oxymorons and using old well-known ones, too, as "scalding coolness " from Hemminway and "melancholy merriment" from Byron.
3. Etymology: from Greek, oxys, "keen, point, sharp" and moros, "foolish".
A form of communication in which contradictory ideas or terms are combined.
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