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covet, covert, overt
covet (KUV it) (verb)
To ardently want something that another person has; to long for with envy: When Nadine was young, she used to covet her friend’s pretty clothes.
covert (KOH vurt) (adjective)
Concealed, hidden, disguised, secret, or surreptitious: The head of the company received a covert threat in an unaddressed envelope which was pushed under his office door.
overt (oh VURT, OH vurt") (adjective)
Clearly evident: Virgil had an overt dislike for his new supervisor.

Mona was very overt in her wish to covet her grandmother's necklace; however, after receiving a covert threat from another relative, she changed her mind.

overt (adjective), more overt, most overt
1. A reference to or descriptive of something which is done openly and without any attempt at concealment: There was no overt hostility with Shirley's neighbors even though they never did anything together.
2. Pertaining to anything that is done openly and intentionally, and therefore which is able to be taken as a sign of criminal intent or purpose: Jerry was caught stealing a book from the library and his overt action meant that he was restricted from going there without being searched whenever he left.
3. Etymology: "open to view", from Old French overt, ovrir, "to open"; from Latin aperire, "to open, to uncover".
Conveying something that is obvious, open to view and not hidden.
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