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omission, oversight
omission (oh MISH uhn) (noun)
Something which is left undone or neglected: The omission of the title page in Marina's essay was quickly remedied.
oversight (OH vuhr sight") (noun)
1. Supervision; responsible care: Andrew maintained oversight of the project from start to finish.
2. An accidental error: The fact that Jose's name was left off the list was a complete oversight which was corrected immediately.

The oversight of the banquet was left to Ronda's aunt because she was conscientious and people were confident that there would be no omission of the slightest detail.

oversight (Janus word) (s) (noun), oversights (pl)
1. A mistake which is made because someone forgets or fails to notice that something is wrong due to inattention: When little Lisa made her first cake, it was an oversight that she omitted the baking powder!
2. The supervision or control which is necessary for making sure that a system or process is working smoothly and efficiently: While the students were taking their tests, oversight was required of the teachers to be in the same room.
A failure to see an unintentional mistake.
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