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(Greek: above, over, on, upon; besides; in addition to; toward; among)
(Greek: above, over; excessive; more than normal; abnormal excess [in medicine]; abnormally great or powerful sensation [in physical or pathological terms]; highest [in chemical compounds])
(Latin: across, over, upon)
(Latin: through, across, over; beyond, by means of)
(Latin: above, over; more than, excessive)
(Latin: across, through, over, beyond; on the far side of)
(the science of bodily structures and parts as discovered and developed over the centuries by means of dissections)
(concern over the environmental impact of burning fossil fuels has resulted in looking for alternative fuels that are less polluting)
(languages spoken by over 400 closely related groups in central, east-central, and southern Africa, belonging to the South Central subgroup of the Niger-Congo language family and including Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Zulu, Xhosa, etc.)
(this is an over-all listing of the special groups of topics listed on this site)
(these words have become a part of the English language over recent years)
(over the past century, knowledge of the way the universe works [science] has grown significantly, and with it the ability to apply that knowledge to everyday problems [technology] has changed the way people live)
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bind over
A court action to cause a defendant to be tried on specific charges later in a criminal court following a finding of probable cause that a crime has been committed and the defendant has committed it.
My cup runneth over (Psalms 23:5)
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