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(Greek: outer, outside, external; used as a prefix)
(Greek: star, stars, star shaped; also pertaining to outer space)
(Latin: cheek; the inner or outer sides of the mouth and the face)
(Latin: the eyelid or its outer edge; hairs growing on the edges of the eyelids, eyelashes)
(Latin: bark, rind; literally, that which is "stripped off"; used in its extended senses, chief among these being "pertaining to the outer layer of a bodily organ, especially the brain")
(Latin: clasp, brooch; outer bone of the leg)
(Latin: shape, structure, figure, outer appearance, composition, to compose; visual appearance; spacial arrangement; to develop or to acquire; to produce)
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space, outer space
The void that exists beyond the earth's atmosphere.

Above 120 kilometers or 75 miles, very little atmosphere remains, so objects can continue to move quickly without extra energy.

The space between the planets is not entirely empty because it is filled with the tenuous gas of the solar wind as well as particles of dust.

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