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ostracize (verb), ostracizes; ostracized; ostracizing
1. To exclude, shun, or to banish someone from a group: After Henry made so many vulgar remarks, he was ostracized as a talk-show host on TV.
2. To avoid speaking to or associating with someone: After the critical remarks were made by the member of the committee, Janet was ostracized from the project by the group.

When a person is ostracized in the business or social world, he or she may be said to have received the "cold shoulder" and the former associates will have nothing to do with him or her.

3. Etymology: from the Greek word ostrakon, "a tile" and these tiles were used in ancient Athens as ballots for voting. When it was feared that a Greek leader had become so powerful as to endanger the liberty of the state, he could by vote of the citizens be sent into banishment for a stated time.

To restrict someone from social gatherings.
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Mickey Bach spelled his cartoon as ostracise which is the British spelling and not the American spelling.