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oscillate, osculate, vacillate
oscillate (AHS uh layt") (verb)
1. To move like a pendulum that goes back and forth: The fan on the table was set to oscillate in order to keep the air fresh.
2. To vary in feelings, opinions, or actions from one extreme to the other: When Mildred heard the news of the accident, her reactions seemed to oscillate between hope and despair.
3. To move from above to below a mean value: The stock market seemed to oscillate around the 2500 mark.
osculate (AHS kyuh layt") (verb)
To use one’s mouth to bestow a kiss: At the end of the wedding ceremony, the couple decided to osculate in front of all their friends.
vacillate (VAS uh layt") (verb)
To fluctuate, to waver, or to hesitate: After the breakup with her boyfriend, Lucinda seemed to vacillate between being very angry and very sad.

Sometimes Mike thinks his kid sister is like a pendulum because she tends to oscillate back and forth in her opinions; for example, Lenora and her husband promised to osculate at the end of their wedding ceremony; then she started to vacillate, thinking to osculate before so many people would be embarrassing.

osculate (verb), osculates; osculated; osculating
1. To touch with the lips by pressing them against another person's lips or to kiss another part of the body as an expression of love, greeting, etc.: The newly married couple osculated each other when they were pronounced "husband and wife".

Little Patrick's grandmother always osculates him on the forehead when she comes to visit his family.

2. From Latin osculari, from osculum, "kiss"; literally, "little mouth" diminutive of os, "mouth".
To kiss.
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