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oscillate (verb), oscillates; oscillated; oscillating
1. To swing backwards and forwards; to move to and fro between two points; to vibrate: When the strings of a violin are played with a bow, they oscillate and produce tones!
2. To alternate between two states, opinions, principles, purposes, etc.; to vary or fluctuate alternately between two limits: Brain activity oscillates at different frequencies depending on what people are doing, how high their stress levels are, and other factors; such as, the amount of sleep, nourishment, and stimulation people have.
3. To be indecisive in purpose or opinion; to vacillate: Yesterday, Hank seemed certain about buying a new pair of shoes, but today he is oscillating because he's not sure whether he should wait until next week or not.
4. Etymology: from Latin oscillat-, "swung, from the verb oscillare.
To waver between two or more thoughts or courses of action.
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