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oronym (s) (noun), oronyms (pl)
Sentences that can be read in two ways with the same sounds; also called, "mondegreens or junctures: "A simple example of an oronym would be the sentences: The sons raise meat; heard as: The sun's rays meet."

Mistakenly hearing an oronym in a song or poem instead of the actual text is referred to as a mondegreen.

Examples of oronyms

The stuffy nose can lead to problems.
The stuff he knows can lead to problems.
Where is the spice center?
Where is the spy center?
Are you aware of the words you have just uttered?
Are you aware of the word you have just stuttered?
That's the biggest hurdle I've ever seen.
That's the biggest turtle I've ever seen.
I'm taking a nice cold shower.
I'm taking an ice cold shower.
Reading in the library is sometimes allowed.
Reading in the library is sometimes aloud.
You'd be surprised to see a mint spy in your bank.
You'd be surprised to see a mince pie in your bank.
—Examples presented by Gyles Brandreth in his, The Joy of Lex,
William Morrow and Company, Inc., New York, 1980; Pages 58 and 59.

Additional examples of oronyms

The boy saw some grey pants.
The boy saw some grape ants.
She was thinking how cleaning's tough.
She was thinking how cleaning stuff.