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1. The position of a tag antenna vis-a-vis a reader antenna.

With UHF systems, readers can be either circular-polarized or linear-polarized. When using a linear polarized antenna, the tag reader and antenna reader must be in alignment in order to achieve the longest reading distance.

If that tag antenna is aligned vertically and the reader is sending out signals horizontally, only a small portion of the energy emitted by the reader will will hit the tag antenna.

2. Alignment of the tag with respect to the reader or tag.
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(Greek: arrangement, order, put in order, orientation; the movements or directed responses of motile organisms to stimuli, as indicated by the combining roots)
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reality orientation
A formal medical activity that uses specific approaches to assist confused or disoriented people toward an awareness of reality; or the "here and now", as by emphasizing the time, day, month, year, situation, and weather.
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Placement with respect to the cardinal directions, north, south, east, west; azimuth is the measure of orientation from the north.
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(there are certain anatomic terms which present various situations; for example, a body part may be horizontal, as opposed to vertical; in front as opposed to being behind or at the back; above as opposed to being under, etc.)
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Medical Orientation Words with Reference to the Body

Medical references as related to the body or anatomy.

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