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orient, Orient, orientate
orient (OR ee uhnt, OR ee ent, OHR ee uhnt) (verb)
1. To determine where someone is or to figure out if a person is going in the right direction: Dennis uses the tall spire as a landmark to orient himself when he is in the city.
2. To face in a specific direction on the compass: The builders of the church will orient it to the east to catch the morning light.
3. To inform someone of the facts of a situation: The principal will orient the new teachers about the school's operational procedures.
Orient (OR ee uhnt, OR ee ent, OHR ee uhnt) (noun)
When capitalized it refers to the countries of Asia: Trisha and Karin are planning to go on a cruise to the Orient the following year.
orientate (OR ee en tayt", OR uhn tayt") (verb)
To decide one's position by using another point as an object of reference: The group of travelers are using the compass to orientate themselves before crossing the desert.

Because Matthew is travelling by car when he visits the Orient, he will be attending a lecture course to orient himself to its history and culture.

Once he has set off, he will use a compass to orientate himself each day so he won't get lost.