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ordinance, ordnance
ordinance (OR duh nuhns) (noun)
1. A law established by a governmental authority: There is a municipal ordinance concerning dogs in the parks which are not on a leash.
2. Something that is foreordained by fate or deities: In mythology, the wreck of the ship was an ordinance from the gods.
ordnance (ORD nuhns) (noun)
1. Supplies, guns, tanks, and ammunition that are used for military purposes: There was a large supply of military ordnance stored in the empty lot across the street.
2. A service or department of the armed forces dealing with the supplies needed for the military: Tim's promotion meant he was the officer in charge of the ordnance.

Rick just received a citation for breaking the local ordinance against keeping ordnance in his residence.

ordnance (s) (noun), ordnances (pl)
1. Equipment or supplies used by the military: During World War I, horses were considered a common ordnance for the army troops.
2. Etymology: "an authoritative direction, decree, or command"; from Medieval Latin ordinantia, from Latin ordinantem; present participle of ordinare, "to put in order".

"In the early 14th century, it had changed to "arrangement in ranks or rows"; especially, "in order of battle"; also, "warlike provisions, equipment".