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order (s) (noun), orders (pl)
1. An ecclesiastical organization or group of who live together for the purpose of fulfilling their spiritual obligations, responsibilities, or commitments: A young nurse joined a religious order in her quest to fulfill her dream of working with poor people so they will be able to survive the rigors of poverty.
2. The food and drinks that a person has requested at a restaurant: James was told by the waitress that his order would be ready in a few minutes.
3. A group of related plants or animals which is larger than a family: Humans. apes, monkeys, and similar members belong to the order of Primates.
4. An instruction or statement from a person with authority which tells others to do something: The captain of the ship was yelling orders to the crew to get the vessel ready for departure from the harbor.
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order (verb), orders; ordered; ordering
To state or demand that something must be done: The solders were ordered back to the base.

The firemen ordered everyone out of the house.

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(Greek: believe, belief; that which is thought to be true by someone who has the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and to enforce his or her opinions, doctrines, praise, or beliefs)
(Latin: a suffix used to form names of zoological groups, classes, and orders)
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mendicant order (s) (noun), mendicant orders (pl)
Religious organizations which depend directly on the charity of the people for their livelihood: In principle, mendicant orders do not own property, neither individually nor collectively, because they have taken a vow of poverty; so all of their time and energy can be concentrated on religious work.
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column order (s) (noun), column orders (pl)
In computer programming, a method of defining a matrix by naming the elements one column at a time, as opposed to row order: The computer technician installed a new column order to facilitate the creation of textual content.

A "matrix" in this context is an array of symbols arranged in rows and columns.

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