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(Greek > Latin: a suffix; action, act, process, state, or condition; or result of doing something)
(Latin: a suffix forming adjectives from nouns ending in -ary; a person who, a thing that; a person who is a part of something, pertaining to one's state or condition; a person who has a connection with or belief in the stated subject; a promotor of something; a native or inhabitant of someplace; someone of a certain age)
(Greek > Latin: a suffix; used in medicine to denote a state or condition of)
(Latin: a suffix that forms nouns; action, process, state, quality, or condition of)
(Latin: suffix used to form abstract nouns expressing act, state, quality, property, or condition corresponding to an adjective)
(Latin: action, result of an action or condition; a suffix that forms nouns)
(Greek: a suffix that means: state or condition of; diseased condition of)
(Latin: worse; diminish, weaken; inferior in quality or condition)