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oculist, optician, ophthalmologist, optometrist
oculist (AHK yuh list) (noun)
An individual who may be a medically trained person and whose specialty is to test someone's vision and to prescribe corrective lenses: The office for Marina's oculist is very convenient to where she works so she can get her eyes tested during her lunch break."
optician (ahp TISH uhn) (noun)
1. An individual who makes or sells equipment for the assessment, etc. of eyes: Jason's new job is as an optician, working for a large company which makes optical equipment.
2. An individual who grinds the lenses for eyeglasses according to a prescription: To be an optician requires a careful and steady hand when operating the equipment to grind the lenses for spectacles.
ophthalmologist (ahf" thuhl MAHL uh jist, ahp" thuhl MAHL uh jist) (noun)
A medical doctor who specializes in the diseases, functions, and structures of the eyes: Myrna's cousin was inspired to be an ophthalmologist after his mother had lost her eyesight.
optometrist (ahp TAHM i trist) (noun)
An individual skilled and trained to test for defects in vision and to prescribe corrective spectacles: The local optometrist placed his certificates of training and education on his office wall so people would feel confident in his abilities to examine their eyes properly.

Years ago, the oculist was like a travelling salesperson who would come to a person's door; open a suitcase, and demonstrate the wares.

Now, someone can go in for more specialized services: A person can be referred by his or her optometrist to see an ophthalmologist if the optometrist suspects she or he has an eye disease.

If the ophthalmologist gives someone a prescription for new glasses, he or she can go to the optician to have the prescription filled.

optician (s) (noun), opticians (pl)
A specialist in fitting eyeglasses and making lenses to correct vision problems: The opticians fill the prescriptions made by optometrists who have performed the examinations of the eyes for corrective lenses.
The person who makes and sells eyeglasses.
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optician (s), opticians (pl) (nouns)
Technicians who make eye-glasses and contact-lenses for the eyes based on prescriptions resulting from eye examinations.
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