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opposition (s) (noun), oppositions (pl)
1. Strong disagreement with a plan or policy; especially, when this is shown in active attempts to prevent something: There was general opposition by the public to the way the police were treating the demonstrators.
2. A person, a team, a business, or a group that someone is competing against: Dick, the chairman, couldn't understand why there was so much opposition to the plan by the new members of the committee.
3. The political parties in a country that are not part of the government: The opposition seems to be gaining more votes for the upcoming election.
4. A person or group that people are trying to defeat or to succeed against in a competition: Jack, the coach, urged his team not to take the opposition for granted because they had pulled upsets before.
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1. The moment at which a body in the solar system lies opposite the sun in the sky as seen from the earth and crosses the meridian at about midnight.
2. An object lying farther from the sun than the earth is at opposition when it lies on a line from the sun passing through the earth to the body in question.

The object is then directly behind the earth, and is fully illuminated as seen from the earth.

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