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didelphine: opossums, possums
1. Similar to opossums.
2. Of the family Didelphidae, opossums include about 70 species of mostly small arboreal or terrestrial marsupials widespread in South and Central America with single species extending to Canada with prehensile tails and habits of crepuscular to nocturnal.

Being crupuscular means, active during twilight hours; of the dusk and dawn.

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opossum, possum (s) (noun), opossums, possums (pl)
1. A white or gray marsupial and nocturnal animal (Didelphis virginiana) with a long nose, a long prehensile tail, a thick coat of hair, and lives in the eastern United States: "Susan was completely shocked when she suddenly came across an opossum while taking out the garbage in the evening. It seemed to be dead, but it was really just pretending!"
2. Etymology: from Algonquian opassum, opussum, or aposoum; the same as Proto-Algonquian "white" + "dog".
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