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ontogeny, ontogenetic, ontogenetically
1. The course of development of an individual organism.
2. The history or science of the development of the individual being; embryology.
Ontogeny diagram of progress.

  1. Ontogeny: development of an individual from the moment the egg is fertilized up till adulthood.
  2. Opaque area: non-transparent part.
  3. Pellucid area: transparent part.
  4. Neural fold: fold related to the head.
  5. Neural tube: extension related to the head.
  6. Heart: blood-pumping organ.
  7. Somites: metameres.
  8. Omphalomesenteric arteries: vitelline duct.
  9. Wing buds: beginning of the formation of the wings.
  10. Limb buds: beginning of the formation of the legs.
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