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omnitemporal (adjective) (not comparative)
1. Pertaining to all times: Sad as it is, history has been and is still full of omnitemporal wars between nations.
2. Relating to God's existence at all times; referring to the eternity of the Supreme Being: People go to church to celebrate the Omnitemporal Almighty in songs, prayers and at different religious festivities during the year.
3. Descriptive of general truths in timeless reality: Some omnitemporal statements relate to the fact that water is wet or that snow is white; apparently because this has been confirmed by nature from the beginning of time.
4. Conveying a condition of existing now, and having a past, present, and a future: Creatures of all kinds are omnitemporal species that have lived on earth and will continue to survive as long as the planet exists.
5. Characteristic of the existence at every moment of time: The sun is said to be anĀ omnitemporal asteroid that has never disappeared from the solar system during the day or night of any year in the past or present.
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