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omniphobic material (s) (noun), omniphobic materials (pl)
A reference to materials that repel liquids consisting of water and oil: Omniphobic is a newly coined word meaning "it hates everything".

The substance forces away watery and oily liquids into tight droplets due to its surface texture, made up of 300-nanometer-tall "toadstools" with broad silicon dioxide caps and narrow silicon stems.

Water has very high surface tension, 72 milliNewtons per meter (mN/m) at room temperature, which means it easily forms near-spherical drops when placed on a surface.

Because of their near-spherical shape, the droplets meet the surface at a high angle above 150° if the water is sitting on a superhydrophobic surface.

—Compiled from "Dirt won't stick to omniphobic material"
by Colin Barras in the New Scientist; November 10, 2008.