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emit, omit
emit (i MIT) (verb)
To give voice to, to send out or to give off: Vern was so unhappy, he simply had to emit a groan of dissatisfaction and despair.

The satellite will emit a bleep every time it goes around the earth.

omit (oh MIT) (verb)
To forget or fail to make use of or to include someone or something: Norris decided to omit the last sentence in his quest for brevity.

Please don't leave out or omit any details.

Elma, when you are writing your short story, don't omit the graphic description of the protagonist when he was about to emit a sound of despair because he missed his train.

1. To fail to include or mention someone or something, either deliberately or accidentally; as to omit a word.
2. To fail to do something, either deliberately or accidentally.
3. To pass over; neglect.
4. To desist or fail in doing; to forbear.
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