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omicron (microbiology)
In microbiology, a Gram-negative bacterial endosymbiont that is found in the cytoplasm of species of the aquatic ciliate Euplotes (a genus of ciliate protozoa having a dorsoventrally flattened body with widely spaced rows of short bristle-like cilia, simple microscopic organism with projecting threads that thrash to help it to move along, on the dorsal surface).
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omicron, omikron
1. The fifteenth letter and fifth vowel of the Greek alphabet (Ο, ο), represented in the English alphabet as short "o".
2. As a numeral, it denotes 70.
3. Etymology: Middle English, from Greek o mikron, small or little "o" (because of its being a short vowel in Greek); as opposed to omega, "big o, long o".
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(Greek: the fifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet)