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offer (s) (noun), offers (pl)
1. The act of giving a person, or people, the opportunity to accept something: James received a job offer to work with a computer company as a programmer.
2. An amount of money which someone is willing to pay for something: Roland decided to wait for a better offer for his newly constructed house.
3. An opportunity to buy something at a price that is lower than it usually is: The store said that there was a special offer for the items which is good only while they last.
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offer (verb), offers; offered; offering
1. To give someone an opportunity to accept or to take something: Sharon was offered a job in the bank; for which she was very grateful.

The insurance company was offering John and his wife Susan, the victims of the car accident, a significant sum of money as compensation for their injuries.

2. To make something available or to provide and to supply something: When James and Jane were tourists in New York, they couldn't find their way back to their hotel; so, a man offered to help them.
3. To say or to express something as an idea to be thought about or to be considered: Mr. X, the author of the book, offers another possible explanation for the economic situations that exist today.
4. To say or to give something; such as, a prayer, or a sacrifice, as a form of religious worship: The minister, Mr. Lacy, asked his congregation to bow their heads and to offer a prayer of thanks to God.
5. Etymology: from Old English ofrian, "to offer, to show, to exhibit, to sacrifice, to bring an oblation"; from Latin offerre, "to present, to bestow, to bring before"; in Late Latin, "to present in worship"; from ob "to" + ferre, "to bring, to carry".
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(Greek + Latin: dare, to give, a giving, given; a gift; to grant, to offer)
(Latin: to sell, to give [i.e. offer] for sale)
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Etymology: ob- and ferre; including fer and lat.

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