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awful, offal
awful (AW fuhl) (adjective)
1. Dreadful, bad, terrible: What awful weather!

Kendrick was guilty of the awful crime of murder.

2. Awe-inspiring, awesome, wondrous: The astronauts know the awful expanse of the solar system.
offal (AWF’l) (noun)
The waste parts of butchered animals, carrion, carcass; such as, entrails: The hunters took the meat and left the offal for the buzzards.

The word offal is actually the waste parts that “fall off” a butchered animal. The word comes from "off" + "fall".

English borrowed the word from Middle Dutch afval, a compound formed from af, "off" and vallen, "fall" which referred to both the "extremities of animals cut off by the butcher; such as, feet, tail, etc." and "shavings, peelings", or "general refuse". By the 15th century, offal had the meaning of "animals' entrails".

—Compiled from information presented in
Dictionary of Word Origins by John Ayto; Arcade Publishing;
New York; 1990; pages 371-372.

"Garbage is an offal waste".

—Evan Esar

"What is that awful smell?" Lucia asked. The response was, "It's offal that smells so awful".

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(Greek: dung, feces, excrement, offal, fecal matter, manure, ordure)