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odoriferous (adjective), more odoriferous, most odoriferous
1. Descriptive of something that bears, or diffuses, a scent or a smell: Anything that produces an odoriferous fragrance is rarely anything that has an unpleasant odor.
2. Giving off a pleasing scent: Mary's odoriferous spices were ingredients that provided more pleasure when eating her meals.

Frequently a misused term, that has historically had positive connotations in the sense of "fragrant": Mary had an odoriferous rose garden.

The rose is a highly odoriferous flower.

—Based on information located in
Garner's Modern American Usage by Bryan A. Garner;
Third Edition; Oxford University Press, Inc.; New York; 2009; page 585.

However, another dictionary defined odoriferous as, "Having or giving off a smell; especially, an unpleasant or distinctive one".

"There was an odoriferous pile of fish remains."

—From the New Oxford American Dictionary; Third Edition; Oxford University Press; New York; 2010; page 1,216.

So, make your choice. Odoriferous is either a pleasant odor or and unpleasant odor!

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