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odium (s) (noun), odiums (pl)
A state or condition of being extremely disgusting or contemptible in behavior: There is an odium of hatred by Jane for Manfred because he revealed private information to other people about her.
A loathing in which there is an intense dislike.
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Word Entries containing the term: “odium
odium aestheticum (Latin phrase)
A bitter rivalry among artists and writers: At times the odium aestheticum controversy that was present on the university campus resulted in raucous shouting matches among the fine arts students.
odium medicum
The bitter rivalry among physicians of one speciality as opposed to another field of treatment or medical controversies that result in hatred.
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odium musicum
The hatred of (rival) musicians; the bitterness of musical styles.
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odium scholasticum (s) (noun).odium scholastica (pl)
The spitefulness or malice and hatreds resulting from scholarly disputes or academic arguments: There has been odium scholasticum acrimony or bitterness and ill feeling many times between scholars or those who had been excessively concerned about minor details and rules or with displaying academic learning.
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odium theologicum
A mutual antagonism (sometimes hatred?) among theologians as a result of acrimony based on differences in doctrinal interpretations or other religious differences.

Many odium theologicum animosities have resulted in bloody-religious wars over the centuries; some of which continue to this day.

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Veritas odium parit.
Truth breeds hatred.

"Truth can breed hatred", according to Terence, in his Andria, when one is too frank (blunt) with one's friends. Undiplomatic criticism (regardless of how truthful it may be) can also develop hatred with others.