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oculus (s), oculi (pl)
1. An eye; a leaf bud.
2. A round window, usually a small one.
3. An organ of vision.
4. An architectural feature that is round or eye-shaped; such as, a round window, a round opening at the top of a dome, or the central boss of a volute.
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(Anglo Saxon or Teutonic: in Old English times, eye was eage, which is related to a whole range of words for "eye" in other European languages; including, Greek ophthalmos and Latin oculus [with all of its subsequent derivatives])
(Latin: oculus used as a reference to "eye" to designate something that looks like or is suggestive of a person's organ of sight including potato "eyes")
(Latin: "little eye", a diminutive of oculus, "eye"; spotted, dotted; as if with tiny eyes)
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ad oculus (Latin)
To the eyes.

Before one's eyes: Grace couldn't believe her daughter's fantastic report card until she confirmed it ad oculus!

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