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oceanic (adjective), more oceanic, most oceanic
1. Of or relating to the ocean: Oceanic trenches, which fall abruptly down to a maximum of about 35,000 feet below the surface of the sea, are considered to be the deepest waters that exist.
2. Produced by or living in an ocean, especially in the open ocean: Oceanic, or pelagic sharks, roam across open seas rather than in shallow coastal waters.
3. A reference to that portion of the open ocean beyond the continental shelf waters: It is believed that the oceanic islands are volcanic.
4. Resembling an ocean in expanse; vast: Mary and Tom were dreaming about their own home and garden with plenty of space, and it turned out to have oceanic dimentions!
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(A noisy silence in the waters of the oceans and the seas)
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oceanic climate (s) (noun), ocean climates (pl)
A weather characteristic of continental margins and islands; marine climate: Maritime or oceanic climate is the Köppen categorization of weather conditions of those west coasts that show the annual temperature range of less than the average for that latitude because of the proximity of an ocean or sea.
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oceanic eddy (s) (noun), oceanic eddies (pl)
A body of water rotating within the main current system: An oceanic eddy can deflect from the main current into adjacent areas.
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oceanic island (s) (noun), oceanic islands (pl)
A volcanic land mass surrounded by water which is formed independently of the continental land masses: Examples of oceanic islands are the Aleutian Islands and the Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean.
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oceanic biomass
The total quantity or mass of living material within a specified area of the ocean at a given time.

The concept of biomass allows people to express the idea of the abundance of animal presence in volume without having to use headcounts as is the case when speaking of density.

It is useful in that living organisms vary too broadly in size for density to be a meaningful measure.