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obtrusive (adjective), more obtrusive, most obtrusive
1. A reference to a tendency to intrude or to force opinions onto other people: Some well-known people are often plagued by obtrusive photographers.
2. Relating to a person's conduct which is highly noticeable, often with a bad or unwelcome effect: It is usually very difficult to be polite with those who have obtrusive behavior.
3. Descriptive of something that sticks out or is prominent and conspicuous: The old chair in the living room of Karen's next door neighbor is very obtrusive compared to the others she has available.
Characteristic of a stranger pushing himself or herself into prominence when he or she is not a part of the group.
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obtrusive idea (s) (noun), obtrusive ideas (pl)
Obsessive thoughts that repeatedly force themselves into people's thinking: Sara's obtrusive ideas often interfere with her actions, even when she realizes that such thinking is undesirable.
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