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obstinate (adjective); more obstinate, most obstinate
1. Pertaining to person who adheres to an opinion, a purpose, or a course of action in spite of reasons for not doing it or presents arguments against such behavior: Mark, the teacher, was trying to deal with an obstinate pupil who refused to put his cell phone away during class, so the boy was sent to the principal.

Despite the dangers of severe flood warnings, Ted and his family were too obstinate to leave their house for a safer area.

2. Relating to something which is very difficult to deal with and not easily overcome or removed: There was an obstinate stain on Jim's shirt which could not be removed even though it was washed twice.
Determined to have one's own way even when it is unacceptable and unreasonable.
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A reference to someone who is stubborn, bullheaded, or determined to have his or her personal way of doing things. (1)