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observance, observation
observance (uhb ZUR vuhns) (noun)
1. The practice of paying close attention to something; such as, customs or rules: As a driver, Mark is expected to maintain a close observance of posted speed limits.
2. A regular and accepted practice or rite: The observance of the liturgical calendar was important to the members of the religious community.
observation (ahb" zuhr VAY shuhn) (noun)
1. The process of recognizing or perceiving information or a fact: By close observation, Alisha will note the change in the weather.
2. A statement dependant on information: Based on how dark the clouds are in the sky, it is Michael's observation that there will be a storm very soon.

It is Greg's observation that the observance of local holidays is important to the community.

(Latin: sanctuary, consecrated place; an open place marked out by the augur for the observation of the sky)
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behavioral observation audiometry (s) (noun), behavioral observation audiometries (pl)
A method of watching or studying the motor responses of babies, less than 6 months old, to test sound intensities to determine the hearing threshold: A bahvioral obersvartion audiometry is a type of hearing measurement to test an infant's ability to recognize pitch, volume, etc.
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(topics about the study of the complex motions and interactions of the atmosphere, including the observation of phenomena; such as, temperature, density, winds, clouds, and precipitation)
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1. Scientific method, observation and facts
The observation of phenomena and the recording of facts: the phenomena are what occurs in the environment; the facts are descriptions of what is observed.
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