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obscure (verb), obscures; obscured; obscuring
1. To conceal by confusing the meaning of a statement, a poem, etc.: Timmy, the suspect, tried to obscure the case that was brought against him by the police.
2. To make dark, dim, or indistinct: The sun was obscured by the storm clouds.
3. To make less visible, to hide; prevent from being seen or heard: Since those two new skyscrapers were built, they have obscured the view that the Jone's family once had from their apartment.
4. To intentionally make something difficult to understand or to know: Mr. Jackson, the car manufacturer, was accused of trying to obscure the fact that his company's air bags were not functioning properly because they were exploding and causing numerous deaths.
5. Etymology: from Latin obscurus, "dark, unknown"; literally, "covered over" from the base scurus, "covered over".
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obscured (adjective), more obscured, most obscured
That which is nebulous and difficult to understand or to see: Official policies of the local government have changed for obscured reasons.

The more obscured cloudiness over the airport resulted in two small airplanes crashing into each other and killing everyone in both aircraft.

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