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obscurant (s) (noun), obscurants (pl)
Someone who opposes intellectual advancement and political reform: There are some cultures that have obscurants who restrict the education and political rights of females even to the point of causing physical harm to some girls who are striving to get an education by going to school.
Someone who hinders the progress of knowledge.
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obscurant (adjective), more obscurant, most obscurant
1. A reference to language, style, a speaker, etc. which are not expressing the meanings clearly or plainly: Mrs. Simmons suggested that Bill's history report was more obscurant than informative for the class.
2. Lacking in light or illumination; dark; dim; murky: Sammy and Jennifer entered the house in the obscurant darkness which was surrounding them.

James saw an obscurant bank of clouds in the sky.

When the thunder storm hit in the area, Mike was suddenly in a very obscurant room because the electrical power was affected by the lightning.

3. Little known, unheard of, or nameless: Sam and his family stopped to get gas for the car at the most obscurant town on their trip. There were only a handful of houses and a gas station!
This entry is located in the following unit: obscur- (page 1)
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Anyone who hinders the progress of knowledge and the freedom of thought. (1)