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1. Offensive to conventional standards of decency; especially, by being sexually explicit.
2. Disgusting and morally offensive; especially, through an apparent total disregard for others' rights or natural justice.
3. Inciting lustful feelings; lewd; abominable; disgusting; repulsive.
4. From 1593, with the meaning of "disgusting, foul, loathsome", and "repulsive" which was borrowed from Middle French obscene, and a learned borrowing from Latin obscenus, "offensive"; especially, to modesty.

Apparently it was originally a term for the augurs' vocabulary, meaning of "ill omen, boding ill"; also, of uncertain origin.

Unacceptable and offensive language

A profanity or a filthy word, a swear word, a curse word, a dirty word; or collectively foul, bad or strong language. Under current colloquial use, it is a word, expression, gesture, or other usage which is socially considered to be insulting, rude, vulgar, or offensive.

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obscene, lewd
obscene (ahb SEEN, uhb SEEN) (adjective)
Repulsive, suggestive of lust or depravity: Pornographic pictures are considered obscene by many people.
lewd (LOOD) (adjective)
Wicked; considered sexually suggestive: Walter's lewd remarks to his colleague were very inappropriate and resulted in a reprimand from his supervisor.

Kerri thinks it is obscene that it is possible to purchase lewd pictures when a person is visiting a tourist agency.