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obambulate (oh BAHM byuh layt) (verb), obambulates; obambulated; obambulating; NOT obamulate
1. To walk around aimlessly or to wander here and there: Whenever William went into town, he could see this woman obambulating around the town; and apparently, she obambulated just about every day."
2. It seems that some people want to apply these terms to President Barack Obama to mean that he wanders around aimlessly, takes little to no significant actions, or that he is without direction or purpose.

The spelling of obamulate (with the missing "b" of "obambulate") was presented by Rush Limbaugh (on or about, March 24, 2011) on his radio program and this is not the first or only mistake he has made in his career.

3. Etymology: from Latin ob-, "towards, against" + ambulare, "to walk".