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input/output, I/O
Ports on a reader.

Users can connect devices; such as, an electronic eye to the input port so that when an object breaks the beam of the electronic eye the reader begins reading.

Devices can also be connected to an output part, so that when a tag is read, a conveyor is turned on or a dock door opened.

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O, oh, oh, owe,
O (OH) (noun)
1. The fifteenth letter of the English alphabet: What grapheme or graphic symbol comes after O in the English alphabet?
2. A design in the shape of a circle: The bright blue round O in the advertisement caught the buyers' attention.
3. This letter symbol is often incorrectly used to indicate a zero or no amount: The final score in the game was "10 to 0", instead of saying, "10 to zero"; however, there is a significant difference between the letter O and the number 'zero' despite their similarities in format.
oh (OH) (interjection)
1. Used to express emotion or to acknowledge information: Jerry was so startled when the runner bumped into him that all he could say was, "OH!" in reaction.

Susan said, "Oh, yes, I understand what you are saying."

2. Used to address or to speak to someone directly: The man at the counter said, "Oh sir, you forgot your change."
3. Used to express surprise, happiness, disappointment, or sadness: Grandpa remarked, "Oh no! I forgot my glasses."
oh (OH) (noun)
Often used verbally to indicate naught or nil: Halfway through the game the announcer shouted that the score was "oh to oh", when technically he should have said "zero to zero" because the "oh" is a letter and the "zero" indicates a number.
owe (OH) (verb)
1. To be responsible for the repayment of a debt or a loan to someone: Grace asked her husband, "Jim, don't you owe the bank a significant sum of money because of the loan that you negotiated last year?"
2. To be indebted or under obligation for something: Lucinda said, "I owe my good fortune as a writer to my English teacher when I was in school."
3. Used to say that something should be done for or given to someone: Peter's mother stated, "Peter, you owe Josie an explanation and it is possible that you also owe her an apology."

Oh, Lenora, I owe you an apology for confusing "O" with "zero" in our recent e-mail.

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