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Night: Nyx, Nox
Greek: Nyx (goddess)
Latin: Nox (goddess)
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The Greek goddess of night, known to the Romans as Nox, was born, together with Erebus (Darkness), Ge (Earth), Tartarus, and Eros (Love), out of Chaos. With Erebus, she bore Aether (Upper Air) and Hemera (Day). She alone spawned a large brood that included Moros (Doom), Thanatos (Death), Hypnos (Sleep), the Fates, and Nemesis.

Nyx lived in Tartarus, from which she went forth each day just as Hemera was returning. Her only other recorded act was to save her son Hypnos when Zeus was about to throw him out of the realm of the gods.

Tartarus, by the way, was a dark region beneath the earth, and the personification of that region. Tartarus was said to be as far beneath Hades, or beneath the surface of the earth, as heaven was above it. Supposedly, an anvil would fall for nine days to reach it from earth’s surface.

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