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nurse (s) (noun), nurses (pl)
1. A professional person trained to assist and to aid the infirm and sick, particularly in a hospital: Mr. Anderson had a nurse come to his home and help with the treatment of his invalid and ailing grandfather.
2. Etymology: from Latin nutrire "to suckle, to nourish".
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nurse (verb), nurses; nursed; nursing
1. To provide care for an afflicted person: After Jack fell down, he was nursed back to health by his wife who helped him every way she could.
2. To breastfeed a baby: After giving birth to her son, Hana was nursing little Finn for six months, knowing that her milk was the best for him.
3. To carefully treat someone or something: Dianne always nursed her roses in the front yard and fertilized them on a regular basis and that is why they are so beautiful.
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(Greek > Latin: nourisher; wet nurse; midwife)
(Latin: nutrire; to nourish, to feed, to nurse, to foster, to support, to preserve)
triage (adjective) (not comparable)
(Descriptive of the task of allocating and sorting: The triage nurse had many patients to categorise and group regarding their medical needs.)
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nurse practitioner (s), nurse practitioners (pl) (nouns)
Nurses or health care professionals who take care of sick and injured patients: "Nurse practitioners are not allowed to prescribe specific treatments for patients, but to provide the necessary attention and care that patients need after a medical doctor has determined what is medically required."
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