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number (verbs), numbers; numbered; numbering
1. To specify an amount or quantity: The investors in the company numbered in the thousands.
2. To include or to classify as a member of a group: The university numbers 2,000 students that are attending classes so far this year.

The population of the town now numbers 10,000.

3. To indicate a position in a series: Each document was numbered in a sequence.
4. To identify people or things in a series: Maude numbers the times that she does each exercise at the fitness studio.

Mrs. Jackson told her students to take out a sheet of paper and to number it from 1 to 15 down the side for the quiz.

Dr. Herbert Kyle was numbered by his students as one of the best professors in the university.

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(Greek: extraordinary; superfluous, redundant; odd, odd-numbered)
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Every calendar's days are numbered.
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