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noxious (adjective), more noxious, most noxious
1. Injurious to physical or mental health: Depressions have made some people have noxious feelings that can result in serious ailments.
2. Physically harmful to lives or health; especially, because of poisonous conditions: The noxious air in some countries has been a result of excessive industrial emissions which have caused many people to suffer.
3. Likely to cause moral, spiritual, or social harm or corruption: The noxious words the father used about the man who was dating his daughter resulted in a cancellation of his TV career.
4. Disgusting; very unpleasant: There was a terrible noxious odor coming from the blocked plumbing in Mildred's house.
5. Etymology: from Latin noxius, "harmful"; derived from noxa, "damage, injury".
Relating to being destructive, harmful, and deadly.
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(Latin: to injure, to hurt; injury, harm, harmful; trauma; a noxious or deleterious agent or influence)